Accessing Salesforce Record Fields with JavaScript

I wanted to share with you a utility function that I’ve created and stored in my Static Resources. I’m using this function to dynamically access fields from JavaScript objects that represent Salesforce records obtained by sforce.connection.query or Remote Action. Here’s the function below:

 * Get the sub records field value if the API contains dots
 * @param  {[Object]} record [Record containing the field]
 * @param  {[String]} api    [Property path (e.g. - Order_Line__r.Order_Line_Premise__r.Id)]
 * @return {[Field_Value]}   [Null - if part of the path is not defined, otherwise it will return the value of the field]
var getRecordField = function(record, api){
   var subRecords = api.split('.');
   var topLevelObj = record;
   for(var i = 0; i < subRecords.length - 1; i++){
       if(topLevelObj == null){
           return null;
       topLevelObj = topLevelObj[subRecords[i]];

   if(topLevelObj == null || topLevelObj[subRecords[subRecords.length-1]] == null){
       return null;
       return topLevelObj[subRecords[subRecords.length-1]];

Sample use:

var test = {
  one_property: 'something',
  another_property : {
    nested_property : 'nested',
    nested_array : [
      {x : 'y'}, {x : 'z'}

//get first level property
console.log(getRecordField(test, 'one_property'));

//get property of a nested object
console.log(getRecordField(test, 'another_property.nested_property'));

//you can even access an array objects
console.log(getRecordField(test, 'another_property.nested_array.1.x'));

I’ve found this method to be incredibly useful when I have to work with hierarchy of objects returned from Salesforce (e.g. - record.Order_Line__r.Primary_Site__r.Street_Addess__c). I hope that you’ll find this useful as well.

Written on June 3, 2016