About me and this blog

My name is Miroslav Smukov, I’m from Serbia, and I’ve been a professional software developer since 2010. For the majority of my career I’ve been developing desktop applications with C# and .NET Framework, but I always like to experiment with other fields and technologies so I had some professional experiences with Web and Mobile development, Kinect and Leap motion sensors, Unity3d and others, during 60+ projects I completed as a freelancer. However, this isn’t supposed to be my CV, so if you want to know more about my past work you can checkout my LinkedIn profile.

I started with Salesforce late in 2015, I got certified as a Salesforce App Builder in February 2016, then as Platform Developer I in April 2017, and finally as Platform Developer II in July 2018. If you read up to here you probably realized that I’m not extremely experienced in Salesforce ecosystem, so my code and solutions won’t be perfect.

On this blog I’m going to share some of the more interesting problems and solutions I face during the rest of my career, and over time - if this blog gets any traction - I’m hoping to attract and gain valuable insights from other Salesforce professionals that will offer their 2¢ and help me (and others reading this) become better developers.

I’m open to any constructive critique, and I’m happy to alter my blog posts if I find your solutions to be better than mine.

Thank you and I hope you’ll find something useful and/or interesting for yourself on my blog.

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Written on March 11, 2016